6 Ways to Avoid Blocked Drains Before They Happen

We all want to start our day right, and having a drainage system problem at home will flush all the good vibes down the drain. Adding another problem to your daily routine would stop you from focusing on what matters most. If ever you’ve wondered about how to avoid blocked drains before they happen…


Here are the top six ways to avoid blocked drains in your home before they happen:


1. Invest in a stainless steel drain filter

By using a sink strainer or drain filter at the opening of your drainage, it can easily filter out the possible small debris that can potentially clog your drains. It will help you prevent the dreaded blockage in your kitchen sink drain caused by food scraps, scum, dirt, hair and the like. These items could lead to a bigger sewer system problem in the long haul. Don’t worry; this handy drain strainer can be found at any Bunnings store. 


2. Dispose of your used cooking oil properly

Never dispose of your used cooking oil down the drain; no matter what other people say, this is a big no-no! Doing this will lead to a massive build-up of oil & fats and grease on your pipes and cause blocked drains. 

Make sure to place your used cooking oil in a container where you can just throw it out in the bin at the end of the day.

In the long run, preventing blocked drains is essential because it will save your pipes from further damage and free you from the stress that comes with it.  


3. Regularly pour boiling water down your drain

Make it a weekly habit to regularly pour hot water down your drain to help melt and clear out any grease build-up on your pipes. We don’t want any sink drain problems, so it is better to do it consistently to avoid any possible blocked drains. 

However, you should never pour boiling water into PVC pipes because it will damage them. If you have plastic pipes, you can try hand-hot water instead. 


4. Avoid flushing hygiene products

Please be mindful of what you flush down on your toilets. Property owners don’t want to have a blocked toilet. So, never flush down hygiene products in your toilet. No matter how small you think they are, you need to be conscious that these hygiene products like a tampon, sanitary pads, baby wipes, etc., will most likely clog your drainage system because these products are designed to absorb liquids. Since they absorb water, this is the main reason why they cause blockage to your pipes. 

Who wants to replace all of their drains, right? Drain cleaning, pipe relining and getting blocked drain specialists to do emergency services in your homes would instantly dent your wallet. 

To prevent this, we need to be sure that there is always a proper trash bin where you can dispose of these hygiene products properly.


5. Never throw coffee grounds down your drain

Coffee has been a staple ‘companion’ of everyone anytime of the day. Most often than not, you tend to throw coffee grounds down your drain, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You need to remember that coffee grounds clump together and expand over time, leaving your pipes blocked that are very hard to get rid of. 

You need to throw out these coffee grounds properly in a waste bin to avoid any future blockages that would affect your pipes. You may also use the coffee grounds as compost for your plants, which is good for them and the environment.


6. Schedule routine pipe inspections

To further prevent any blocked drains now and in the future, it is best to schedule your routine pipe inspections with your trusted plumber every 2-3 years. These highly skilled professionals could quickly figure out any trouble with your drainage system.
Early detection of the problems in the pipes is better for the homeowner.


Also, routine pipe inspections could help you spend less since having clogged drains will undoubtedly be more expensive. These professionals could help how you can maintain, clean, and prevent blocked drains from happening in your pipes. 

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