6 Benefits of Stormwater Drainage Maintenance

What are the benefits of stormwater drainage maintenance done right? Let’s put it this way, many things can go wrong when storm drains are neglected or unmaintained. Blocked retention drains with sediment or debris stop water flow, and this contributes to flooding. Also, drains filled can cause basement and street flooding. Many areas in any given property require temporary detention tanks to hold runoff during heavy downpours.

What does a stormwater drainage system do?

Stormwater drains collect stormwater runoff from hard surfaces and divert it to a drain. This serves to reduce the risk of damage to your property.

Sewage should never mix with stormwater; in fact, it is illegal. Here’s a list of how maintaining proper stormwater drainage management impacts your property and the environment of the greater community at large.


Here are the 6 benefits of effective stormwater drainage maintenance.


1. Avoid Infrastructure Damages

Backed-up water from blocked storm drains can cause damage when it is not diverted away from basements, buildings, footpaths, roads, plumbing systems, underground pipes, and cables. It’s best to avoid blockages or obstructions to storm drainage facilities that reduce the capacity for diverting stormwater across or onto private property.

2. Minimise Water Contaminants

Blocked downpipes and adjacent drain damage fall under the property owner’s responsibility. Proper stormwater drainage maintenance is essential to avoid the contamination of local waterways. Failure to maintain drainage facilities across your property can get a property owner in trouble with the local council.

3. Avoid Flooding

Regular cleaning of sediments and debris from storm drains will benefit those living in low-lying areas and prevent flooding. Storm drain maintenance on private property is also the responsibility of the landowners.

4. Reduce pooling water

Water that does not flow into storm drains can create dangerous pools of water that are dangerous for drivers along roadways and driveways. During the winter, pooling water increases the potential for car accidents.

5. Minimise Soil Erosion

Soil gets muddy and erodes when stormwater does not redirect to a stormwater drain. Soil erosion harms plants and the establishment of their root systems. Subsequently, this contributes to more mud and can cause sinkage in your landscaped or concreted area, which is an avoidable expense.

6. Enhance Your Property’s Appearance

Well-maintained storm drains allow your property to divert excess water away, which helps your landscaping thrive. Also, properly-maintained storm drains can increase your property value. Enhanced value impacts the greater community by making them more beautiful, sustainable, and plant and animal-friendly.


Public health and property are directly affected when you fail to maintain your stormwater system. Properly maintained stormwater drainage systems and waterways prevent structural damage to buildings, including your own.

For effective stormwater drainage management, contact Northern Beaches Blocked Drains at 0416-962-481.

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