Pipe Relining Brookvale | We Investigate a Problem And Provide A Permanent Solution

This week’s first stop is on Brookvale to Investigate a blockage at Commercial premises.

We have been notified by the property owner this blockage has been continuously happening for the past five years, so today, we are going to find out what part of the sewer line is blocking up at this property & offer a permanent drainage solution that will come with a lifetime labour warranty.

How did we fix the Plumbing Issue in Brookvale?

  1. The first thing we do is to look at the client’s invoice history, which shows that they have had three pipe relining jobs done in this area over the past five years. This means there is a problem with their sewer line & it needs to be fixed ASAP, as the property owner has been experiencing ongoing issues with their plumbing system.
  2. We then look at their sewer line where it goes into the property, and we notice that there is no clean-out port on this side of the blockage. This means we will have to dig down about 20 feet below ground level & install a clean-out port before we can begin our pipe testing process.
  3. We use a camera to inspect the inside of their sewer pipes & see that they are completely blocked up with roots, so we will have to remove them before we can begin our pipe testing process.
  4. We then test the water quality of their sewer lines & it comes back as highly hazardous, which means that they need to fix this problem for their safety immediately.
  5. Finally, our team decided to do Pipe Relining in this commercial property in Brookvale because it’s a very cost-effective option compared to the other pipe repair methods. We could remove all of the roots that were blocking up the sewer line & restore water flow in just one day, which is less expensive than digging up the entire area & replace it with new pipes.


What is Piper Relining, and how has it helped our customers in Brookvale?

Pipe relining is a method of repairing and replacing pipes without replacing the entire pipe. It involves using resin to line the tube inside, which then hardens, creating a new seal.

How did our customers in Brookvale benefit from Pipe Relining?

  • Pipe relining is fast and easy. It can be done in one day and does not require digging up or shutting down your home or business for long periods.
  • Pipe relining is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plumbing repair because it reduces the waste generated using recycled materials.
  • Pipe relining saves money in time and labour costs because there is no digging involved in this process.

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