Pipe Relining

The pipe relining method is often called the “no dig” pipe relining due to its non-invasive methodology. Thanks to continual technological improvements, the plumbing industry is now able to repair an underground burst pipe without needing to excavate the surrounding land to reline the pipe.

The Process

Inspecting the burst pipe is the first step to any pipe relining. Our plumbers at Northern Beaches Blocked Drains always bring with them CCTV drain cameras whenever an underground pipe has an issue. The camera itself provides us with the specific length of the damaged section that needs to be relined, as well as allow us to see what is causing the blockage so that we can remove it properly.

The next step is to create the epoxy resin mixture that is to be poured into the liner. During this step it is important to ensure that the liner is generously coated with the epoxy resin mixture. The liner together with the bladder is then inserted into the damaged pipe which is then inflated to the sie and shape of the pipe. Our drain experts allow 3-5 hours for the epoxy resin mixture to solidify and will remove the bladder shortly thereafter. The last step is another round of inspection using the CCTV drain camera to ensure that the pipe was completely relined and cleared of any blockage.

What kinds of pipe can be relined?

With several types of pipe available in the market and different plumbers having different preferences for when installing plumbing and drainage systems, we understand that there may be some confusion as to what can be repaired using the no-dig pipe relining method. Here’s the list:

  • PVC or plastic types of pipes
  • Earthenware
  • Concrete
  • Cast Iron

Get Plumbing Tips

Did you know: Tree roots are one of the main reasons why drain pipes burst under the ground. Their survival instincts make it possible for them to penetrate the smallest of holes to get the nutrients they need from water. If this happens, call a professional to clear the tree root and repair the drain pipes.


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